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The new Affinity Modulating furnace is designed to maximize the confort in your home while minimazing the sound levels by varyng (modulating) the gas input and modulating the airflow.


Affinity Modulating

  • Up to 98% efficiency.
  • Tubular heat exchanger.
  • Modulates from 35% to 100% and adjusts airflow to provide constant comfort.
  • Silently adjusts the gas valve and inducer in 1% increments providing longer run cycles to quietly and efficiently circulate the air.
  • Fully modulating operation only requires a single stage thermostat to operate.
  • ECM motor available.
Why choose a modulating furnace?
Because conventional Two-Stage furnace technology means that the furnace operates at either 60% or 100% of it's rated full capacity.Over a heating season the York Modulating furnace will run 75 to 85% of the time between 35 and 55% of it's rated full capacity.


How does the Affinity Modulating Furnace Work?
Each time your thermostat "calls"for heat the Affinity integrated control calculates and stores information.This alows the control to provide the optimum furnace firing rate, on each call for heat, based on information from your home thermostat and past heating cycles.

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