This section deals with what you should be looking for when deciding which brand to purchase.

Buying a dealer-based product is the most important first step. When you purchase a dealer-based product, the manufacturer protects you. This means if the company that installs your equipment goes belly-up, or you become dissatisfied with the service, the manufacturer will direct you to an alternate licensed dealer.

Manufacturers that produce equipment that any heating/ air conditioning agent can purchase do not offer any background on the company installing your equipment. Though the equipment may come with similar warranties, they do not come with a list of dealers that can service your equipment, should you wish (or have) to use another contractor.

Countless times in our busiest seasons, customers in dire need of service inform us they are unable to get the company that installed the equipment to provide service for them. They are also shocked when they realize alternate companies do not want to provide service in these situations. Nobody wants to get involved with these types of equipment. The headaches associated with trying to correct improper or incompetent installation far out-way the rewards. Not to mention your dealing with a customer that is disillusioned and skeptical, thinking everyone operates the same way.

The money you think you may be saving, in reality, can be lost in the cost of one service call alone, that is, if you can convince a company to come and fix someone else's mistakes.

Whether you decide to purchase your equipment from us or not, please keep this in mind. It will save you time, money, and stress. It's an old saying that still holds true. You get what you pay for. Please contact us by phone or e-mail, and we will gladly provide you with more information, should you desire.

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