Amazingly Small, Yet Powerful !

You can count on 13+ SEER energy efficiency to reduce your electricity usage by 35% compared to older systems.But because the York [mc]2TM air conditioner is the only 13+ SEER design to fit in the same space as older models, you'll also save more on installation costs. And years from now you'll feel more secure, thanks to a reliable, corrosion-resistant design that can withstand the harshest enviroments.

Affinity Modulating
  • Greater energy savings, thanks to 13+ SEER  energy efficiency that can lower your energy use by 35% compared to older units. With the [mc]2TM system,you save space and money!
  • Longer lifetime reliability,thanks to superior corrosion resistance proven by 7,000-hour salt-spray testing (Most other units are only rated for 1,000 hours).
  • More dependable performance, thanks to proven "MicroChannel" coil technology used in the automotive industry.
The MicroChannels Difference
  • Uses parallel flow micro-channel coil construction.
  • MicroChannels in extruded sections ensure effective heat exchange ᴔ.
  • Manifold header facilitates circuiting without bulky return bends.
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