At MEGACITY Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd., we have a wide range of furnace, air conditioning, and filtration options for your home or business. Being a dealer of York International products allows us to provide comfort, peace of mind, and a dealer-based product. The quality of the equipment is second to none.

Superior efficiency, low noise, and reliable operation were the main concerns we addressed when deciding which products we would offer our customers. More information can be found at the
York International web site, located in our links section.

Affinity MID
Affinity HIGH
Affinity Modulating

York Affinity

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York Affinity

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York Modulating
Gas Furnaces

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York MC2
York Latitud
York Latitude
MiniCube [mc]
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York LXSeries
Mid-Tier AC [mc]2TM
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York Affinity Series
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FUJITSU Halcyon Split
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Olsen OMGB Series Boiler
Galaxi HIGH
Olsen OMGB Series
Mid-Efficiency Boiler

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Olsen Quantum Series
Modulating Boiler

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Slant/Fin Galaxy
High-Efficiency Boiler

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Bosch PRO Tankless
Water Heater
Rinnai Tankless
Water Heater

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