This section is designed to address some common problems we encounter on service calls. We would not recommend you service your own equipment, however, we will try to touch on some common problems which may be easily solved, without the need for a costly service call.

I never seem to get any heat in a room on the third floor, why?

There are vent dampers located on the ductwork in your basement. Adjusting these may improve airflow to areas of your home that are not currently adequate.

My air conditioning only cools my main floor, not upstairs, why?

This is a very common problem. Many contractors will tell you that increasing the motor size and pulley in your furnace will help. Not necessarily. Motor and pulley size increase will not affect the air flow if your blower is to small, or plugged. Newer furnaces have much stronger motors and blowers, which are designed to move cold air more effectively.

My air conditioner does not seem to be cooling. Maybe it needs Freon?

An air conditioner should not lose Freon if it was properly installed. A dirty or plugged furnace filter can cause your air conditioner to freeze up, or not provide any cooling whatsoever. If your furnace filter is ok, then the system has to be tested for leaks. Running your air conditioner when it's low on Freon can damage your compressor.

How often should my furnace or air conditioner be serviced?

Maintaining your equipment once per year is essential. Most service calls are the result of improperly maintained equipment. We offer a full furnace cleaning and safety check for $99.00 + GST. This also includes a free air conditioning check as well as checking any equipment associated with your heating system. This is a minimal investment compared to the cost of emergency service calls and replacement parts for your equipment. Mention this web site and receive $20.00 off! Get a full furnace cleaning and safety check for $79.00 + GST.

Why do I need a humidifier?

Having a humidifier reduces the static in your home. It provides moisture to the extremely dry air being distributed in your home. Old drum style humidifiers collect calcium and hard water deposits in a tray, while a drum and pad revolve slightly dipping in to the tray. An alternative to this outdated style of unit is a flow through model. A flow through humidifier does not contain moving parts, and the water drains upon trickling through a honeycomb filter. The benefits of this type of system compared to the old style drum type humidifier, are immense.

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